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Partitions, screens, room dividers

Room divider ideas to improve your home interior.

If you like moving furniture inside your home, we suggest you to have partitions, screens or room dividers. A partition is easy to move: you can put it anywhere in your home.  Screens are office accessories inside a room, yet stick screens can also be used as partition walls outdoor. These room divider ideas can really help you redesign your rooms and your whole home. Moreover, partition walls are useful. They delimit space to turn your room into a cosy atmosphere depending on events in your life: for instance, they can contribute to create intimacy. Another advantage is that, contrary to an opaque wall, room dividers can be transparent to let light go through into your room.  All these products are available on our website madeindesign.co.uk.


A wide range of decorative room dividers!

Made in design offers you a wide range of high quality decorative room dividers. Our partitions are available in many colors, sizes, materials and designs. Actually, according to the area of your room, you can decide of the size of partition screens.  As for materials, they can be natural, wooden, plastic, rubber, glass, aluminum or even sticks. You can also choose your partition design: either classical, natural, original, romantic, modern or contemporary. Among all these room divider ideas, you can choose the partition wall which perfectly fits your desires. To sum up, decorative room dividers can all be harmonized with the style of your existing furniture or curtains to become fully part of your interior. Moreover, some are equipped with accessories such as mirrors, spotlights, coat hangers or pictures. Room dividers become beautiful, single and unique furniture in your home.