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LD 130 Bluetooth speaker - Laptop, iPhone & iPod compatible - W 69 cm - La Boîte Concept

Matt black
La Boîte Concept
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Product detail

  • Colour : Mat black
  • Material : Leather - MDF
  • Dimensions : W 69 cm x D 52 cm x H 77 cm
  • Characteristics : Supplied with UK plug
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LD 130, the laptop dock « desk version ». The exclusive Wide Stereo Sound system means an effective enhancement of stereo effect and a wider, clear surrounding sound wherever you are located into your room. Traditional loudspeakers have an ideal stereo field that is restricted both in horizontal and in vertical ways. This restriction of stereo effect is progressively increased when people are getting closer of the loudspeakers, up to the point that it completely disappears when you stay in front or right above them. The LD 130's Wide Stereo Sound system (patent pending) allows optimum listening while you are sitting or standing close to the speakers and even when you are moving through your room. Its active and passive crossover systems are also a part of the technical design which allows high-fidelity to remain clear at a low volume of sound when you are alone or louder, with many people, when you have a party as well. Stereo drivers located at the rear of the system are focused to the wall with a 45º angle. When the user is located at a short distance of the system or sitting in front of it, a correct stereophonic effect can remain.
The front acoustic speakers are surrounded on one side with baffles which minimize the effects of possible reflecting side obstacles and offer in the same time a stereophonic listening from one of the furniture's side by reducing the nearby effects from one channel to the other. A sub-woofer, with a very long excursion cone, located in the lower part of the system is providing also an optimal quality of sound when you are listening to your system at a larger distance of the cabinet.
The seven speakers have been developed exclusively for this cabinet. The special shape of the aluminium speaker baskets and the internal design of our acoustic speaker systems have been designed in order to get an optimum air flow and a good behaviour with a very long and controlled excursion of the moving parts. We use both silk, cellulose pulp, kevlar and carbon in order to improve the time response of the cones, according to each frequency range involved.
The size of the LD 130 is compact but it achieves the power and quality of larger size speaker systems. The system's active crossover produces a controlled sound balance and the drivers can be used according to their full capacity. The sound quality of laptops and computers is very random. The DAC (digital to analogue converter) BURR BROWN included into the LD 130 which uses top-of-the-range CD decks technologies, optimizes your computer's sound and re-samples the data. By cutting off automatically the sound card through the USB plug of your laptop, it directly converts your music in order to keep intact the quality of the original sound signal.
The PocketDock Line Out Mini USB allows you to easily connect yourself to your LD130 with a crystal clear, pristine audio quality. Line Out and USB can be used either separate or both together at once, allowing you to charge the battery while enjoying Hi-Fi quality audio in the same time. The LD 130 not only lets you connect your computer via a USB socket, but also accommodates and recharges all your music players (MP3 players, iPod and iPhone ®...) via two auxiliary inputs and its outlet incorporated into the storage compartment.
8-layer piano lacquer finish, natural wood + lacquer and natural leather desk pad. For optimal use of your computer, the natural leather desk pad is insulated from the sub-woofer against vibration.

In detail:
  • Colour : Matt black
  • Material : MDF - Leather
  • Dimensions : W 69 cm x D 52 cm x H 77 cm
  • Characteristics : Supplied with UK plug

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