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its centenary

Alessi likes to call itself the dream factory … and rightly so. Since 1921, this legendary Italian design brand has collaborated with the most fascinating designers on functional, transgressive items linked to domestic use. Quality takes precedence over industrialisation, while its manufacture, guided by Giovanni and Carlo Alessi, saw its golden age during the 1940s. In 1970, Alberto Alessi changed the design approach and surrounded himself with the greatest designers to create objects that were as functional as they were poetic. This year, we’re celebrating the centenary of this dream factory!


The brand celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and takes us on an exciting journey to discover its brand world. Mixing poetry, art, history, creativity and a hint of humour, join in this one-year event, full of surprises and marked by 12 values that make up the richness and uniqueness that is Alessi - yours to discover each month!

The value for May 2021

Industrial craftsmanship

Since it began, Alessi has worked with machines ... while retaining the artisan mentality: with quality taking precedence over quantity, the most important thing for the brand was to maintain, using machines, craft production and the logic of product assembly. This is what Alberto Alessi calls augmented humanity.

The Sottsass Collection

Alessi is officially launching its centenary with a huge surprise: the brand is reissuing some of the finest creations by Ettore Sottsass from the Twergi collection. The result: the colour language of one of the greatest Italian designers , expressed in pink, yellow and red, renews his totemic objects, to our great delight.

Discover the collection

Ettore Sottsass
Architect of anti-design

"As soon as you put a shape on a base, the shape immediately becomes important, firmer: it becomes a small monument."
Ettore Sottsass

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The value for June 2021


Art to transcend consumption, differentiate function and emotion, and touch souls: a value dear to Alessi, which this month offers us a memorable interpretation.
Indispensable, desirable, unique. Proust’s 100% Make-up Vase is the 101st vase from the eponymous project. An object of desire for art collectors and fans of Alessandro Mendini. Its pointillist style, pure gold gilding and shape designed by the Italian master make it a rare and unique collector's item

Art on the 100% Make Up vase

Initially, the 100% Make-Up project brought together 100 designers invited to create the decoration of a vase designed by Mendini himself, for Alessi. The Proust vase, the 101st in the collection, offers an ornamental interpretation of an art dear to the Italian master.
In a limited edition of 999 copies.

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Alessandro Mendini

"The decorations are like fish in the sea:they exist, even if we don't see them. The ornamentation is positive since it is the narrative element that animates the cold, tautological object."
Alessandro Mendini

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Icons & victories

Compasso d’Oro
Alessi’s prestigious victories

As a design house, Alessi has collaborated with masters of design to redefine the creative expression of tableware. Discover these gems which have rewritten the rule book of their time, crowned with a Compasso d’Oro.

Alessi’s icons

Contemporary collections

Kitted out like a chef

A link between past and present, the inimitable style of Marcel Wander, iconoclastic designer, is coming to your table. A relief with baroque tones, as pleasant to the eye as to the touch, discretely adorn each piece of this service. New to this collection, the outdoor range and its picnic set give it an irresistible rustic charm!


Inspired nature

Now a Christmas decoration, then an object for the kitchen, the Bark collection recalls the bark of trees, evoking its protective function with this motif. The result is a strongly poetic collection where each object shows itself, through its form or function, to be in continuous, harmonious dialogue with nature.


Mixing tradition and modernity

Elegant tables, the pleasure of cooking, sharing tasty dishes with family or friends … such is the aim of the legendary design house through its numerous cutlery collections. Alberto Alessi calls on the greatest designers and architects to ensure that formal delicacy and poetry reign, right to the end of the fork.

Historic designers

Achille Castiglioni

Alessandro Mendini

Marcel Wanders

Michele De Lucchi

Philippe Starck

Jasper Morrison