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Casamania is more than ever a key brand in the Design industry ! The year 2012 is full of beautiful creations made by talented designers such as «Les M (Céline Merhand et Anaïs Morel)», GamFratesi, Luca Nichetto… Inspired by an extraordinary creative power, the brand creates eclectic pieces, real food for the imagination. Hurry to discover all of Casamania's new products already available on Made in Design !
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A completely unique dresser ! Made out of simple geometrical shapes, this dresser has got 2 huge wheels which give it a fun and original look.
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Weave's geometric shapes create a work of art which is also a new way of conceiving a library. The metal structure, characterized by perpendicular lines, gives a sense of cleanliness and lightness of shape and deceives perception at the same time.
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Lepel is a collection of padded chairs, fully upholstered in fabric or leather created by the talented designer Luca Nichetto. This collection is a soon to be must-have !
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MEDUSE - New colours
A series of coffee tables, dining table and poufs inspired by the iconic shape of the jellyfish. The typical soft and smooth body encloses its internal structure, from which the tentacles are suspended.
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MARITIME- New finishes
Maritime is inspired by the maritime world. An elegant and refined chair carefully constructed from solid timber. The precise and refined balance between the structure and the surfaces, assembled by hand using precision crafted pieces, add to the value of Maritime.
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