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Revised editions, contemporary creations, new icons of Scandinavian design… Our experts made a selection of all the chairs that you can't miss. It's time to change decoration? Don't hesitate to mix styles and materials!
Designers playfully reinterpret the classics! The strong and charismatic personality of these new creations is expressed through this combination of old style and modern material. A mix between retro lines and contemporary style.
Metal inside or outside with industrial or vintage style! "Workshop" atmosphere or airy structure … enter a world full of timeless poetry.
The inspired combination of materials reveals the harmony of opposites. Hybrid silhouettes which come with a sense of modernity and familiarity.
Enter the design legend with the revised editions of the Scandinavian icons. A timeless modernity for these authentic models which have not finished to defy time!
Muuto, Gubi, Hay… The young Danish companies constantly offer us innovative, elegant and intelligent design products to show us Scandinavian design from a new angle!
Interior trends influences Outdoor universe thanks to creations that fit both inside and outside! – Reinterpretation of classic interior design offers an original alternative to traditional garden furniture.
Eco-conceived chairs which highlight the actual trend towards Upcycling: the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.
More and more designers breathe life into design and encourage creations on the border between contemporary and industrial art. The result: unique and trendy products.
Wicker gets out of its traditional setting and takes on a completely new and modern look. The natural character of this materiel blends beautifully with the chairs ultra modern style.