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Let design into every part of your home – check our range of eggcups

Those who love to fill their homes with quality, and sometimes quirky designs will love our range of top branded eggcups. Why let everyday household items escape good design? Here at Made in Design, you don't have to – we showcase a fabulous range of items for your home and kitchen, including the humble eggcup. Browse our collection, including top brands like  Alessi and Pa Design, and let your day start in the best way! We know that a gorgeous home is made up of the little things and it's those little things that count – so check out our eggcups today.


What kind of eggcup compliments your kitchen?

Would you like your egg elevated, held up in a graceful cup, and with a dainty spoon to eat it with? Then the Dressed Eggcup might be what your eggs have been missing in the mornings. Would you like it in white, black, yellow or red? Choose your colour as well as your style. As well as glamorous kitchen accessories, we have a range of novelty egg holders that kids will adore. TheChevalier Arthur Eggcup will encourage little ones to tuck straight in. This soldier isn't made of just toast. The playful egg holder by Pa Design is bound to crack a smile!


Top design for every pocket and top eggcups for every table

The eggcup might not be the biggest item you'll ever purchase, but we still have a range of prices available proving that great design can be for everyone. Start your search today and feed your imagination!

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