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Oil and vinegar

What's a dining table without oil and vinegar?

These two ingredients are the keystone of salad dressings, and make any dining table complete. If you want to honour these two simple but essential ingredients, why not find them a gorgeous dispenser? We have a range of oil and vinegar bottles from top European interior designers, like Petite Friture, Eva Solo and Menu. Bring a splash of elegance or quirky humour to your kitchen – browse our selection and find the style that suits you.


Oil and vinegar bottles that add a dash of elegance

We know that good taste doesn't just come in one style, but can transcend boundaries. Our designers use metal, glass and modern plastics to bring you playful, colourful, imaginative and timeless designs. But it's not just looks that's important in design - it's performance and quality too. The oil and vinegar bottle's pipettes are created with those special oils and dressings in mind that can transform a meal with just a few careful drops. Eva Solo's Drip Free vinegar shaker has an in-built method of keeping your dining table clean. The Objects 2822 Flask by Petite Friture  is another example of innovative thinking – the oil dispenser is perfect for blending your own fusion of oils or for decanting special liquids into smaller display bottles.


We have many more beautiful bottles available, as well as novelty selection, bottle caps to facilitate pouring, full sets and bottle stands. Our prices are designed to suit a range of budgets – great design should be available for everyone!

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