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Fabulous design accessories for your kitchen

Here at Made in Design we understand that it's the little things that make all the difference to people who love good design. Bring beauty and character into every aspect of daily living with our tableware and dining accessories. We showcase top brand tableware sets, such as the gorgeous glass Vertigo Tableware by Andrée Putman of Christopfle design studio. You'll find a wide range of smaller items that will bring beauty, style, colour, as well a sense of fun into your kitchen – kids love our quirky bag clamps! And adults love our kooky teabag holders, colourful appetiser skewers and eye-catching coasters. Browse our collection and let yourself be surprised and inspired!


Accessories that bring style and smiles into the home

Our tableware accessories will wow your guests at dinner parties and will make spending time in the kitchen, as well as eating together as a family, even more of a pleasure. Enjoy being surrounded by refined tastes of the aesthetic kind, as well as the culinary! You can find special items from top interior studios like Pa design and Stelton. The BOX-IT butter dish by Stelton comes in white, black and warm grey and brings a touch of simple Nordic elegance to any breakfast table. The Lid Sid Steam Escape is a humorous and handy gadget that proves there's no limits to the imagination in the world of design!


A wide selection of designer accessories for all tastes and budgets

We know that your home and kitchen is as unique as you are; that's why we have a range of aesthetic styles for you to choose from. Design doesn’t have to break the bank -  you'll pick up something special whatever your budget, and our products make great gifts too. Made in Design is your one stop shop for all your design-shaped desires.

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