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Accessories, all you need to stand out in the crowd

If you’re looking for fashionable and unique accessories, here at Made in Design we offer a large range of outstanding designer accessories to suit all your needs. Stand out from the crowd with our must haves and bestsellers.


We have a wide selection of designers and modern accessories

We remain committed to providing a wide range of modern accessories, whether you’re looking for new office accessories or high-tech audio and speakers, you can easily find your heart’s desire. On top of this we also offer fashion accessories such as jewellery, purses and watches.


A selection of well-known brands and designers

Not only do we provide a wide range of products, but we also have a large choice of brands and designers. Our selection of audio speakers includes brands like Elision and Native Union. Our selection of watches are from well-known designers such as Alexandre Dubreuil, Karim Rashid, Stefano Giovannoni or Tom Dixon.