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Whether you are a man or a woman, everybody is looking for great and unique accessories. At Made In Design we are currently offering a large range of outstanding designer accessories which suit all your needs and may be ordered at any time. As we have a wide-ranging stock which is composed of « Must-have » and « In the spotlight » accessories, you can easily find your real treasure and enjoy being different among other people who don’t have a design and model spirit.


We have a wide selection of designers and modern accessories

Given that we remain particularly committed to providing a wide range of accessories, a lot of modern accessories and designers accessories are available in Made In Design. Whether you are interested in audio speakers & sound, baggage, was bags, purses, high-tech & connected objects or just in accessories with regards to pets, you can easily find your heart’s desire in this section. Moreover, on top of all this, we also are offering modern and designers’ accessories concerning jewelry, shoes and clothes and watches in order to find the perfect accessory that will perfectly match your personality and your own style.


A selection of well-known brands and designers

In order to provide a more value-added to our shop, we decided to offer a wide selection of brands and designers which create accessories in accordance with your needs. That’s why, for example if you are looking for modern accessories like audio speakers we offer products from brands such as Elision or Native Union. If you are the kind of man or woman to wear watches, we have a large selection of well-known designers like Alexandre Dubreuil, Karim Rashid, Stefano Giovannoni or Tom Dixon. As well as the durability and solidity, these modern accessories and designers accessories will allow you the luxury of creating your own style.


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