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Stylish baggage, wash bags & purses for every occasion

Every day you need a purse or some kind of baggage, so why not add a little bit of beauty to your day by carefully choosing these everyday essentials? At Made in Design we have a massive range of b>bags, wash bags and purses to suit every purpose and taste, whether you need something to keep your valuables in, to carry your shopping in, or to take with you to the beach.


Wash bags by the best designers

Keeping your toiletries all in one place is easy when you are at home, but not so much when you are travelling. That is where wash bags come in – check out our range of stylish solutions today. Take the Goosebumps Wash Bag by Pension Fur Produkte for example, designed to look like an old school shower cap – it’s perfect for keeping your make-up, toothbrush and sun cream in when you are on the go!


Keep your money safe in our gorgeous wallets

When it comes to keeping your money and valuables safe with style, we have you covered. One cheeky solution is the Mighty Berlingot Wallet / Purse by Pa Design. It has a burlap sack with a dollar sign design, to make it look like you just robbed a bank! It’s just one of the many chic purses we have in our catalogue.


Eco-friendly and stylish shopping bags

Whatever you’re shopping for, bring along your Tasche XL Shopping Bag by Koziol. With its large handles and sturdy plastic construction, it is perfect for slinging across your shoulder and shopping with comfort and ease. Best of all, it means you won’t have to use traditional plastic shopping bags anymore – the perfect combination of eco-friendly with style and chic!