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High tech and connected gifts for tech junkies

Featuring brands such as Withings, Popcorn and Native Union, the products on offer are impressive. From efficient cord storage to phone covers and everything in-between, you are sure to find what you need here. The metal and wooden Clic covers for iPhone add a touch of eccentricity while being durable and low maintenance. Mini drones with cameras are stable, easy to pilot and are able to fly in the dark, with high intensity, adjustable headlights.


Creative cord management

Tangled and messy cables and wires can become a problem of the past with the great selection cable storage options available. As easy as open and shut, the Cable Turtles by the Popcorn brand just need to be opened up, have the cord wound into them, and then snapped shut. Ugly cords gone forever. Another creative product is the Cable Night Charging Cable by the brand Native Union. This unique product solves the problem of having to chase cables all over the floor and straining to use a device when it is charging, because of the short cable length. This cable is weighted so it remains on flat surfaces without rolling off. A length of 3 metres also makes your device easily accessible even when plugged in. From weighing scales that instantly transmit data to tablets and mobile phones, to portable charging units, even the choosiest customer is sure to find something interesting in our catalogue.