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Jewellery that is elegantly designed, wearable and affordable is becoming a rather rare commodity. When you look at our designs, you will realize that we have broken all the moulds when it comes to design, style and craftsmanship.


Creative designs and materials

We have a wide selection of pieces by the avant-garde brand Alessi. Rings, keyrings, bracelets and bag hooks, they all feature the precision styling and edgy modernistic designs that are the signature feature of the brand. The material used is highly polished stainless steel. Many designs in rings, necklaces and bracelets incorporate a design constructed by using small metal cards that are carefully joined together. Along with their startling good looks, the jewellery is also very sturdy and practical.


Bookmarks and other everyday objects can be art too

In addition to jewelry, the category also includes ring holders by Koziol, bookmarks by Tom Dixon, mobile phone decorations and jewelry boxes. All these are crafted in unique designs and eye-catching colours that make them look almost like decor pieces, rather than having just utility value. For example, the Tool the Bookmark Dandelion Bookmark borrows its design from the idea of a pressed flower falling out of a book that was a childhood favourite. This bookmark has the intricate details of the dandelion flower etched onto a thin sheet of brass, creating a strong but beautiful bookmark that is almost a work of art. Our jewellery selections are sure to entice any person with a creative taste to add some elements of high style to their dressing. All our brands have sterling reputations for uncompromising quality and out-of-the-box designs and creativity.