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Useful and clever ways to add excitement to the home

There are certain items you just have to have in your home, for safety, security, protection, or just for making your life easier. However, there is absolutely no reason these items should not make your home look good as they do their job. At Made in Design we have a treasure trove of useful and clever items, as well as funny home accessories, all aimed at adding a little bit of joy to your day.


Grab a useful and clever smoke alarm that looks chic

Smoke alarms save lives – but there is nothing beautiful about the boring, white smoke alarms in most people’s homes. Here at Made in Design, we can offer you a wide range of great alternatives, such as the chic, chrome Kupu Smoke Alarm, by Jalo Helsinki. Unlike other smoke alarms, which require screws and a power drill, this one attaches itself with 3M tape, making it more than easy to install. Instead of having to find a tiny push button to reset it or to stop a false alarm, you simply need to touch the external casing – anywhere – to use it.


Try a fun smoke alarm

We also love our Jalo Helsinki’s Lento Smoke Alarm at Made in Design, which is shaped like a bug with wings. Offering the same ease of installation and use as the Kupu, and available in 5 different colours, this useful and clever item is perfect for kids’ bedrooms.


Funny home accessories

If you are looking for something useful and clever to add a playful edge to your living space, you are sure to love the Miaou! Hanger by Domestic. A plywood hanger with a silkscreen print of a cat, it is a must-have addition to the wardrobe of any cat lover.