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Bloomingville furniture: the whole spectrum of interior design

A seat cushion with an ethnic print and a coffee table made of glass and metal – seemingly contradictory ideas are brought together flawlessly by the Danish label Bloomingville. Bloomingville furniture is always setting new trends in the interior design world. The brand’s creative minds find inspiration from living styles from around the globe. The clean lines of modern design stand beside exotic details and magnificent, baroque shapes. The founder of Bloomingville, Betina Stamp, designs many of the of the objects herself and isn’t just inspired by Scandinavian interior design, but also from the French baroque style. This has resulted in extraordinary furniture which is nevertheless unmistakably Bloomingville. Discover Bloomingville furniture at Made in Design and be amazed by the romantic details, natural materials and modern shapes.


Individual style for your home: Bloomingville furniture

The unusual Bloomingville furniture gives you the opportunity to furnish your home to suit your taste. With its diverse collections, the Danish label enhances our range time and again with its abundant furniture pieces:

  1. Sofas, armchairs, chairs and seat cushions.
  2. Day beds and loungers.
  3. Dining tables, coffee tables and side tables.
  4. Shelving.
  5. Fantastical furniture for children.

The furniture can be easily combined. A unique atmosphere is created from the mix of minimalist design, objects with an exotic flair and romantic vintage style. Your own flea market finds or inherited antiques perfectly complement Bloomingville furniture.


Natural materials: the essence of Bloomingville furniture

One of the characteristics of Scandinavian design is the use of natural materials, which is also a feature of Bloomingville furniture. Pieces such as the Asher lounge chair and Cozy dining table have a typically Scandinavian style, with a minimised design and materials such as wood, metal and cotton.Whereas artistic rattan furniture impresses with its exotic vintage look.This includes the Emmy armchair, whose rattan backrest is curved in the shape of a flower. The Madison lounge chair also has a bohemian flair. High-quality textiles made from cotton, velvet or wool and wickerwork made from jute or water hyacinth upholster the furniture. 


Discover Bloomingville furniture at Made in Design

Bloomingville presents four new main collections each year, plus other mini collections, seasonal collections and Christmas collections – you will be amazed by the new creations available in the range at Made in Design. The unusual combination of different interior design styles is typical for Bloomingville furniture. Consequently, the furniture can be mixed with a range of styles – with Scandinavian design and also with the extravagant designs from Italian labels. Browse our range of furniture from other famous brands from across the world. We also recommend our selection of designer lighting and decorations for creating a cosy atmosphere in your home.