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All Fatboy Furniture Products

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Fatboy furniture: the perfect mix of humour and comfort

As humorous, colourful creations that also happen to be extremely comfortable, Fatboy’s playful items of furniture are popular with children and adults alike! From the brand’s coffee table to its enormous beanbag, the practical furniture’s cheeky wit and colours cannot fail to bring a smile to your face. Have you got more guests than can fit on your sofa? Fear not! The Baboesjka floor cushions are the perfect solution, providing you with three stylish, retro-looking poufs to sit on at the drop of a hat! The Plat-o coffee table, the D’r-op D’r-over bar table and the FormiTable round table don’t just stand out on account of their funny names. They are also made from rust-proof metal and are therefore extremely robust and durable. From beanbags to air loungers – iconic Fatboy furniture is not only comfortable but practical too!


The Fatboy Original: the iconic beanbag is back

When you think about Fatboy furniture you will more than likely immediately picture the Fatboy Original beanbag. This iconic piece by Finnish designer Jukka Setälä sparked the meteoric rise of the Fatboy label in 1998. The beanbag owes its unwavering success to its impressive characteristics:

  1. No matter whether you are reading, dreaming or meditating, the beanbag adjusts to ensure that you are always in exactly the right seated position.
  2. You can use the beanbag wherever you like, for example in the living room or nursery.
  3. Easy to clean: a damp cloth and a bit of soap is all you need – nothing more, nothing less.

Sandy colours, lime green and petrol blue are just some of the many colours that the Fatboy beanbag is available in. This means that you can choose the right beanbag to suit your interior décor. Whether you opt for a subtle shade or a more striking colour, either way you will love how comfortable it is! New to the Fatboy beanbag line is the somewhat smaller Original Slim Velvet beanbag. The soft velour cover gives the beanbag a high-end sheen. The Original has been given a cool update to mark its 20th birthday: the “Rock ’n Roll” frame made from galvanised metal turns the beanbag into a rocking chair in the blink of an eye!


Funky, colourful and iconic: Fatboy’s inflatable chairs and huge stuffed animals

Fatboy furniture is immensely fun: the Ch-air inflatable armchair looks like a UFO that has just landed in your living room. A quick blast with an air pump is all it takes to get this futuristic-looking Fatboy seat up and ready. It is even easier to inflate Lamzac air loungers: when the loungers are opened up they just need to be briefly swished through the air to capture the necessary amount to fill them. Once securely locked with a clip, the loungers can be used as comfortable guest beds. Fatboy’s huge CO9 stuffed animals on the other hand are cheerful and charming. These massive bunny-shaped beanbags are not just popular with children! And Fatboy has even made sure to include your dog in all the fun: your four-legged friend can enjoy relaxing on the dog beds from the Doggielounge line. Can’t wait any longer to finally flop onto your very own Fatboy Original beanbag? Then choose our swift delivery service!