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  10. Bedspread
  11. Desk lamp
  12. Egg timer
  13. Architect lamp
  14. Desk organizer
  15. Wall clock
  16. Sticky notes
  17. Wireless lamp
  18. Lunch box
  19. Tablet cover
  20. Laundry basket
  21. Board
  22. Purse
  23. Cloth
  24. Flat seat cushion
  25. Drainer
  26. Wall mirror
  27. Hand mirror
  28. Hand towel
  29. Manual filter coffee maker
  30. Scrubber sponge
  31. Wall light with plug
  32. Bread basket
  33. Decoration
  34. Dessert plate
  35. Soup plate
  36. Tray
  37. Basket
  38. Mirror
  39. Box
  40. Vase
  41. Candle stick
  42. Candle holder
  43. Kettle
  44. Cushion
  45. Insulated bottle
  46. Cup
  47. Saucer
  48. Carafe
  49. Cup
  50. Notepad
  51. Scissors
  52. Pot
  53. Clasp
  54. Bottle opener
  55. Tablemat
  56. Bath towel
  57. Draining rack
  58. Sponge
  59. Flowerpot
  60. Floor lamp
  61. Table lamp
  62. Mug
  63. Plaid
  64. Chopping board
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  7. Hay Studio (31)
  8. Hee Welling (39)
  9. Iskos-Berlin (11)
  10. Jakob Jorgensen (5)
  11. Jonas Trampedach (2)
  12. Jonathan Levien (3)
  13. Komplot Design (2)
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  15. Leon Ransmeier (3)
  16. Lex Pott (2)
  17. Line Depping (6)
  18. Nipa Doshi (3)
  19. Poul M. Volther (8)
  20. Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec (31)
  21. Scholten & Baijings (4)
  22. Sebastian Wrong (3)
  23. Shane Schneck (1)
  24. Simon Jones (2)
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  42. Silo Studio
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All Hay Furniture Products


Hay furniture reinterprets Danish design

Scandinavian design in the 1950s and 1960s was all about pared-back furniture that combined strong aesthetics with functionality and was manufactured at affordable prices using modern production processes. Hay furniture manages to revive these timeless design classics whilst putting a fresh spin on them. The Danish label was founded in 2002 and subscribes to the same ideals:

  1. High quality
  2. Sustainability
  3. Affordable prices

Hay furniture in series: the About A Chair collection

About A Chair, developed for Hay by the designer Hee Welling since 2012, is one of Hay’s bestselling collections. The collection reinterprets the shell chair with a seat shell made from plastic and four curved legs. Choose your favourite from a range of different colours for the seat shell and either wooden or metal legs or get creative by mixing and matching different coloured chairs together! Padded seat cushions or fabric upholstery options make this a particularly comfortable piece of Hay furniture to sit on. The clean lines of the About A Chair collection create such a strong look that other collections have since been developed based on the same principle:

The designers at Hay aim to create stunning yet functional everyday objects in modern shapes for everyone to be able to enjoy. Design classics are given a new lease of life and reissued by Hay, such as the J110 armchair by Poul M. Volther from the 1960s and the Result chair developed in 1958 by Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld

  1. the About A Stool bar stool
  2. the About A Table dining table available with either a round or a rectangular table top
  3. the About A Lounge sofas and armchairs

The Copenhague collection: Hay furniture for a stylish workplace

The Copenhague collection is a range of timeless pieces of Hay furniture designed with workplaces in mind. The line was developed for the Institute for Literary Studies at the University of Copenhagen and contains an impressive array of wooden tables, desks and benches. The harmonious shapes will also create a comfortable and cosy working environment in your office or at home. The Copenhague n°90 desk and the Copenhague n°190 writing desk cannot fail to impress you with their straight lines made from fine oak and are sure to add a touch of class to any room. Thanks to these items of Hay furniture, your workplace will not only be fit for purpose but will be a stylish space that will have everyone’s heads turning!


Hay furniture epitomises sustainable design

For its range of furniture, the Danish label draws on tried-and-tested, successful ideas but modernises them to meet the needs of today’s discerning customers. Sustainability is a top priority at Hay. The Hee collection by Hee Welling is a shining example of how Hay furniture strives to be increasingly eco-friendly. The chairs and armchairs which are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use are made from steel bars and are easy to recycle as they are only made from this one single material. Since 2013, the Wrong for Hay collection overseen by Sebastian Wrong has provided the Danish label with a platform for young, creative designers to add a splash of colour to the label’s otherwise minimalist designs. Whether you are looking for a chair, an armchair, a coffee table, a desk, a shelf or a coat rack, thanks to its timeless and minimalist design, Hay furniture integrates perfectly into any home!