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All Kartell Furniture Products


Kartell furniture: design “Made in Italy”

Ghost-like furniture created using transparent plastic and barrel-shaped storage units in bright colours are shining examples of iconic pieces of Kartell furniture that you will surely have come across at some point or another. Kartell was founded by Giulio Castelli in 1949 in the design capital of Milan and the brand’s colourful designs, which have a touch of irony about them, have been astonishing the design world ever since. Kartell furniture stands out on account of the way it plays with shapes and colours, which is intended to engage our senses and makes the pieces truly unique and, in turn, instantly recognisable.


Componibili and the Ghost Family: Kartell furniture design classics

Componibili, a modular system of storage units, developed in 1968 by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, the wife of the company’s founder, is Kartell’s biggest ever seller. This functional piece of furniture revolutionised the design world and continues to be popular even to this day on account of its affordable price tag. The stackable classic, made from plastic, is now available in a range of different versions: 

  1. cylindrical with one to three compartments
  2. square
  3. in classic white, elegant back, explosive red, calming petrol blue, purple and khaki green or stylish metallic tones

The so-called Ghost Family, a line of transparent items of furniture made from polycarbonate and created by the multi-talented designer Philippe Starck, is just as well known. The designs of these items of Kartell furniture are inspired by the styles of bygone eras, for example the Louis Ghost armchair is a clear nod to the grandeur of the Sun King Louis XIV and conveys stylistic details from the Baroque period with a modern, pared-back aesthetic. The line now also features a variety of different pieces, for example the Charles Ghost bar stool, die Ghost Buster chest of drawers and the Lou Lou Ghost children’s armchair. Kartell’s innovative approach to design using plastic and the playful humour that defines it as a brand are showcased and epitomised here. 


Expressive and amusing Kartell furniture

Kartell furnishings are designer items that won’t create a solemn or serious atmosphere in your home but instead will lighten the mood with a touch of irony and wit. The Jellies Family hooks by the Spanish designer are designed to look like jellyfish. When designed by Kartell, even functional objects that you would normally want to hide in the storage cupboard become items that you will insist on keeping on show. The Upper stepladder by Alberto Meda available in explosive primary colours is an item of Kartell furniture that you won’t want to put away so that you can show it off to all your guests. 


Kartell furniture: statement pieces made form plastic

The renowned furniture producer identified the potential of plastic early on and has continuously pushed the boundaries of the technique of making furniture from polycarbonate. Thanks to this material, Kartell furniture is unique in the way that it plays with shapes and colours and is able to guarantee unbeatable quality: 

  1. Kartell furniture is durable, made to last and high quality.
  2. It is multifunctional yet always high end.
  3. The designs are statement pieces that are instantly recognisable.
  4. They have won multiple design awards.

However, Kartell furniture is popular first and foremost because of the ironic tongue-in-cheek designs. After all, designer furniture should not just be high quality and aesthetically pleasing but should also delight and amuse us!