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All Muuto Furniture Products


Muuto furniture reinterprets Scandinavian design

Furniture created by Scandinavian design studios like Muuto graces houses and apartments all around the world. The items of furniture produced by the Danish studio Muuto boast honest designs and meet all the requirements associated with Scandinavian design:

  1. Durability
  2. Sustainability
  3. Functionality
  4. Natural materials

Blond wood and textiles in subtle, natural colours are paired with relaxed, clean lines, giving Muuto furniture its unique and distinctive style. Recycled materials and solid wood make for forward-looking and durable designs. The Danish studio’s items of furniture look equally great on their own as when contrasted with expressive designs that encapsulate different styles.


Muuto furniture: fresh perspectives from Copenhagen

Danish design studio Muuto was founded in 2006 in Copenhagen by Kristian Byrge and Peter Bonnen. The studio’s Creative team continually develops new collections in collaboration with leading Scandinavian designers but always sticks to its principles and stays true to its roots. The name Muuto comes from the Finnish word “muutos” which means “fresh perspective”. Muuto furniture combines sustainability with creative thinking and thus offers fresh perspectives on new Nordic design. In this vein, in 2010 the studio set up a competition for an annual award for Scandinavian design students in a bid to support young talent. The Muuto Nerd chair by David Geckeler was the winning design in 2012 and reinterprets design traditions through the unusual way in which it combines the backrest with the seat section.


Classic functional items of Muuto furniture

Classic multifunctional items of Muuto furniture also offer fresh perspectives:

  1. The Stacked modular shelf system by JDS Architects can be arranged to suit your specific needs. Cubes made from MDF with grey or white lacquer or with oak veneer available in various different sizes, with or without the back panel, are held together with clips and can be combined in all sorts of different ways. You can readjust the Stacked modules by hand to suit your needs whenever you want in just a few simple steps.
  2. The Dots hooks by Tveit & Tornoe ;are also considered to be well-known classics and have been for a while now. The round coat hooks made from oak are available in a range of different sizes and natural colours. The Dots line manages to turn functional hooks into decorative features as the round buttons can be combined however you see fit and attached to the wall in a regular or random pattern. The versions made from black steel, brass and aluminium look particularly smart.

Both functional classics look great in any room and help to create individual touches. Books, handbags, collector’s items and clothing can all be stylishly stored and elegantly showcased.


Muuto furniture: the perfect addition to any living room

Muuto furniture can integrate perfectly into any living room. Cosy sofas, wooden coffee tables and effortlessly stylish sideboards can enhance any room and create a warm and welcoming homely atmosphere. The Cover armchair and the Around coffee table by the designer Thomas Bentzen stand out on account of their natural materials and warm wood tones, whilst the Restore basket by Mika Tolvanen uses bright splashes of colour. The Nakki Straight Sofa's lines are perfect for a bit of rest and relaxation and, with their clean lines, manage to combine a modern look with a great level of comfort. With Muuto furniture, you get high-quality designs and traditional Scandinavian style and, thanks to our swift delivery service, all this could be yours in next to no time!