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Tolix bar stools: an icon of industrial design

Whether it’s for a trendy café or creating an urban look in your home: the elegant yet robust Tolix bar stools give mid-century charm to any room. Tolix furniture is made from steel and has been impressing us for decades with its timeless design. The Tolix bar stool will be a source of pleasure for a long time. The brand’s chairs and stools have long been icons of industrial design and not just in cafés, but also in offices, hospitals, public parks and many other organisations around the world. Grab this modern design classic for your home!


The original: the Tolix H bar stool

The original H bar stool is one the classics from Tolix. The designer bar stool has endured countless style periods and is just as popular now as it was in 1934. In the modern style of the 1930s to 1950s, it fits in effortlessly with today’s interior design styles. Be it minimalism, Scandinavian cosiness or French chic – the Tolix bar stool will find its place anywhere. The stool has numerous other advantages in addition to its great appearance. It is:

  1. light and practical,
  2. space-saving and stackable,
  3. stable and durable.

The H bar stool is not just available in the pure steel look, but also in many bright colours – from elegant white to bright red.


The update: the Tolix H Perforé bar stool

The H bar stool got a modern makeover in 2004. The owner of Tolix, Chantal Andriot, added lightness to the stool. The designer bar stool retained its slender form but its pure steel was replaced by a perforated metal sheet. Now the light shines through the Tolix bar stool, making it look light and sophisticated. Like the original, the H Perforé also has an opening in the middle of the seat, which acts as a handle, and it is stackable. Thanks to the epoxy paint finish, the Tolix bar stool is incredibly durable – but it is only suitable for indoor use.


The Tolix brand: French furniture with tradition

The Tolix label was founded in 1908 by Xavier Pauchard in Autun in Burgundy, where production is still based today. Tolix became known for its innovative furniture made from galvanised steel. Originally, the company manufactured robust furniture for factories, creating elegant chairs which soon found their way to cafés across France. Since then, the icons of modern design have been copied many times but we guarantee that you will find the real Tolix bar stools and chairs at Made in Design! Thanks to their simple shape, the Tolix stools are perfect for mixing and matching with sofastables and other furniture from opulent to minimalist – try it out for yourself!