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Bedside & End tables

Modern bedside tables, or the best furniture to sleep well and organized

Every bedroom needs a modern bedside table to improve its user’s comfort. “Made In Design” supplies high-range and high quality bedside tables that are not only designed by professionals but also made of upscale materials. Fashionable and resistant, these modern bedside tables will enable you to give a special touch of modernity to your decoration.


Those contemporary bedside tables are handy and will fit in well in your bedrooms

“Made In Design” will give you the opportunity to choose between many different designs, enabling you to find the contemporary bedside tables that are best suited to the necessity of your decoration. Your bedrooms will be beautifully decorated with the colors, materials and shape of your choice and will look like no other one.


Thanks to these modern bedside tables, your stuff will be nicely organized

Your books, bedside lamps, glasses and alarm clocks will be safely put away and beautifully showcased. Their drawers will permit you to stack up small objects and to keep the room tidy. All along the pages of “Made In Design”, you will find original and high quality modern bedside tables that will accompany all types of decorations. These bedside tables will make your guests and family members feel welcome and will hold up each of your morning coffees and breakfasts in bed.


Certified high quality contemporary bedside tables

All “Made In Design” furniture is made of high quality materials and will resist your heavy clicks on the snooze button. The wood, metal, plastic, stone, the bedside tables are made of are cut out and designed by professionals and will make a perfect host of you. Our contemporary bedside tables will embellish your bedrooms with their incredible and fashionable colours and designs.

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