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Keep your home tidy or add a stunning centrepiece to any room with our collection of modern dressers and storage units. Find a product for any purpose, from a beautiful chest of drawers unit or wardrobe to contemporary storage units perfect for mounting your TV and sound system. Our storage units come in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes to suit any home interior.

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A modern dresser that suits all kind of houses

A great dresser can really give another dimension to a room. Furniture is one of the main elements of your home decoration and at Made in Design, we fully understand that. This is why we offer the widest selection of modern dressers so that you can find the one that perfectly suits your interior. Anything specific in mind? Find the product of your dreams by selecting the colour, the price, and the material.


Spice up your interior with modern storage units

Tidying up your things is not the most popular activity, but with Made in Design, storing your belongings becomes stylish! Browse our selection of drawers and wardrobes by colour, price, material, brand or designers to find storage units that will brighten up your home and make you want to clean it more!


A new way of decorating your house with modern dressers

Looking for a piece of furniture that reflects your personality? At Made in Design, we strongly believe that the interior of your home should represent who you are. Moreover, dressers are something that we all use every day. This is why, at Made in Design, we want to provide you with the choice between many modern dressers of the best quality. Browse our website to find the piece of furniture that’s meant to you!


Great modern storage units for an organised home

At Made in Design, we’re aware that any room requires storage and that the quality, and the design of dressers and drawers should be on par with its utility. Therefore, we offer the widest range of modern storage units and the best quality so you can find the perfect piece of furniture that will not only match your interior, but that will add something to it too.