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Illuminated Furniture & Light UP Tables

Be original and create a nice atmosphere with illuminated furniture

When talking about decoration, lightning plays a significant role in determining the atmosphere of a room or even an entire house. At Made In Design, we understand that and we also want to offer you the newest and avant-gardist products of the market by offering you light-up furniture. Indeed, be more original than everybody with illuminated furniture, be unique by changing the light source of your room with light coming from your piece of furniture itself


Make your living-room light up from a new source of light: your coffee table!

At Made In Design, we love originality, and one of the trendiest piece of furniture we currently have on our website is the light-up table. It is a new way of lighting up your room and to be original. Like all our products, our light-up coffee tables are made with the best material and you can select the color, the shape or even the brand which designed it on our website. Be sure to find the right light-up coffee table for your living-room that will provide an entirely new atmosphere to your interior decoration.


A new way of lighting up your house with illuminated furniture

At Made In Design, we like to offer you the best quality products on the market but we also want to offer you the most trendsetter products. We know decoration is a way of expressing yourself and your home is a reflection of your personality. Are you always where you are not expected to be? That is exactly the same idea we introduced with our range of illuminated furniture. Light is not only coming from lamps anymore, it can come from furniture itself. Check on our website to find the perfect piece of furniture for you.


You are tired of your traditional lamps? Don’t worry, we have something new for you: the light-up coffee table!

Yes, traditional furniture is always a safe bet, but at Made In Design we like to believe our customers seek originality. Lighting is an essential part of interior decoration, it can determine the entire atmosphere of a room. But traditional lighting is old-fashioned now. If you are looking for new source of lighting, you will certainly find something for you. One of the best piece of furniture we have at the moment is the light-up coffee table, just check on your website to see how great it looks!

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