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Miscellaneous furniture

Small furniture: the detail that can make all the difference

Some pieces of furniture are hard to classify in any precise category, but that does not mean that they are not essential. On the contrary! As once said Michelangelo: “little things make perfection” and at Made in Design, we could not agree more. So, if you are looking for the small furniture meant to add value to your home decoration, go through our miscellaneous furniture category and you will find this detail that can make all the difference.


Magazine Holder: a little thing essential to any home

Most people are avid readers of Magazines. But most people are also getting annoyed by all those magazines scattered all over the house. At Made in Design, we have the solution to all your problems, even the less significant one! That is why we can provide you with a wide range of Magazine Holders, because even your magazines deserve to have their own place.


Small furniture of a great importance

When you go to another house for the first time, it is often the little things that catch our attention first. Are you also looking for that small furniture that will make other people envious when they will visit you? At Made in Design, by going through our miscellaneous furniture category, you will have the opportunity to find that creative little object that will add originality to your interior.


Who does not need a great magazine Holder?

At Made in Design, we understand that every single piece of furniture is essential to your home, even the ones that seem secondary in the first place. But, what would you do of your magazines without a great magazine holder? That is why, on our website, you can find a great collection of creative and original magazine holders in order to be sure to find the one that match the best your interior.


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