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Kartell sofas: comfortable and stylish elegance

Kartell sofas combine comfort and aesthetics because your sofa is ultimately your place to retreat in everyday life. This is where you unwind after a hectic day, relax while watching your favourite TV series or take part in thrilling conversations with family and friends. Beyond that, the sofa is a huge part of your living room design. In addition to comfort, which it should provide, the design is also a deciding factor when buying a new sofa. There is no need to compromise with a sofa from the Italian label Kartell. From your first cup of coffee in the morning, to a nap in the afternoon and right up to watching TV in the evening, you can count on the comfort of Kartell sofas. Curved shapes, luxurious covers, as well as stylish patterns and colours make these sofas a feast for the eyes.


Italian luxury for your home: Kartell sofas

Kartell’s designs have been amazing and delighting interior design fans since the label was founded in 1949.Kartell sofas from Milan have been capturing living rooms all over the world. This is not only because of the furniture’s unusual and elegant design but also the innovative developments in the materials used. The company is interested in constantly developing and improving the filling materials and textiles used. The results of the studies are being implemented into Kartell sofas.Seats made from high-quality, shape-retaining polyurethane foam provide the highest level of comfort and gives rise to velvety velours or weather-proof covers for outdoor sofas.


The Largo, Plastics and Pop sofas: Piero Lissoni for Kartell

A large proportion of Kartell’s sofa collections are the brainchild of star designer Piero Lissoni. It is particularly important for the designer that the sofas can be freely combined. There is a selection of different configurations, such as two-seaters, three-seaters and chaises longues or modular systems:

  1. Largo: this sofa impresses with its clear, simple lines and elegant velour cover with a velvet feel. Luxurious, comfortable and easy to clean!
  2. Plastics: the elements of the Plastics sofa can be combined in a modular design or can stand alone as an armchair or chaise longue.
  3. Pop: the durable, polycarbonate base frame is topped with a soft cushion seat filled with feathers – it will feel like you’re resting on clouds!
  4. Pop Outdoor: the Pop collection is also available in outdoor versions. A base made from weather-proof, transparent polycarbonate and polyacrylic waterproof covers make this possible.

The Kartell sofas from other designers are also impressive. The Foliage sofa by Patricia Urquiola adds a natural touch with its cover adorned in decorative leaf-shaped stitching.


Sofa cushions, chairs and tables: expand your Kartell sofa set

A mountain cushion that you can snuggle up to really turns a sofa into a cosy retreat. Made In Design also stocks cushions which match the Kartell sofas, in a range of sizes. Complete your seating area with an armchair or a coffee table from our range of designer furniture!