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Room divider ideas to improve your home interior

If you require flexibility inside your home, we suggest you to have partitions, screens or room dividers. A partition is easy to move: you can put it anywhere in your home. Screens are office accessories inside a room, and stick screens can be used as partition walls outside. The benefit of these dividers is that a room can be quickly transformed- from open and spacious to intimate and cosy.


A wide range of decorative room dividers

Made in Design offers you a wide range of high quality decorative room dividers. Our partitions are available in many colours, sizes, materials and designs. As for materials, they can be natural, wooden, plastic, rubber, glass, aluminium or even bamboo. You can also choose your partition design from a wide variety of philosophies: classical, natural, original, romantic, modern or contemporary. Moreover, some are equipped with accessories such as mirrors, spotlights, coat hangers or pictures.