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Poufs & Floor Cushions

Bean bags – The perfect combination of comfort and design.

At Made In Design, we think that every piece of furniture deserves a refined appearance that will fit perfectly into your rooms. The idea of buying a bean bag could seem unusual at first for some people but one should not forget that those items can also be high-style pieces of furniture. Whether you have kids or not, this item will find its place in whichever room you want to install it. It will bring clarity and beauty to your place.


Pouffe – Bring a pouffe in your home

A pouffe is an item that can easily find its place wherever you want. Also called tuffet, this item will be the best when you want to rest or just relax after a hard day of work. Our collection includes pouffes for adults and kids as well as for animals if you want to cherish your pet. You know it deserves it! It can also be used at a footstool or a place to put your belongings on. You can easily find a purpose for this item.


Ottoman – An authentic pouf for your home.

Are you looking for unique and elegant pieces of furniture? The Ottoman set of poufs is available on our website and will be perfect in your living room. Its curved lines and smooth materials will bring this touch of originality in your home that you might soon find irreplaceable.


A wide range of poufs for every taste

From leather poufs with soft designs to colourful ones, we are sure that you will find the pouf perfect for your place. Forty brands are available, including Fatboy or Fermob for exemple. Besides, famous designers such as Jukka Setälä, Stéphanie Marin and more than sixty others worked on this kind of product. All of them can be found on madeindesign. Be sure to take a look, you might be surprised!

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