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House Doctor: shelves to fall in love with

The Danish brand House Doctor enchants time and again with its slimline, timeless creations. The same is also true for the label’s shelves. Be it wall shelves, display cabinets or trolley shelves – House Doctor shelves beautifully display your books, decorations or crockery. High-quality materials, simple shapes and elegant lightness are hallmarks of House Doctor furniture. Here marble meets brass and glass meets metal. The interesting contrasts make the shelves themselves a work of art. Above the desk, next to the bed or in the living room – House Doctor shelves subtly attract attention.


Marble: the special House Doctor shelf

Using only a few resources, House Doctor has managed to recreate the typical wall shelf into an elegant designer piece: a thin shelf made from white or green marble is supported by two slim brass wall mounts. The House Doctor Marble wall shelf looks seemingly weightless when hung in your home and provides space for beautiful or essential objects. Spices, plants, candles or toothbrushes: this elegant shelf makes any object look like a work of art. Purist yet sophisticated – the Marble shelf effortlessly combines the two contrasts. It enhances a simple kitchen unit or creates calm in a chaotic bathroom.


Keeper and Cabinet: House Doctor wall shelves for your favourite pieces

The House Doctor Keeper and Cabinet shelves are perfect for displaying your cherished possessions. Be it shells from your first holiday at the seaside or the Meissen porcelain vase you inherited from your great-grandma – the full effect of these objects is felt when displayed on the timeless and stylish wall shelves:

  1. Keeper: various compartments in different sizes and arranged in an irregular pattern
  2. Cabinet: four equal-sized shelves stacked on top of each other and a door made of glass

Both House Doctor wall shelves are made of glass panes and glass shelves, which are connected together with brass. The Cabinet display case also has a brass-coloured back wall, so that a golden shimmer rests on the objects on the shelf.


House Doctor shelves for every room

The House Doctor label was founded in Denmark by three brothers – Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel and Klaus Juhl Pedersen. The brand’s collections are characterised by muted colours, soft pastel tones and high-quality materials. And the House Doctor shelves are no exception. In addition to wall shelves, the brand also offers standing shelves or shelving on wheels – such as the Trolley shelf. The versatile shelf, with its painted iron frame and black mango wood shelving, works perfectly in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. It is perfect as a storage space for glasses and plates, as well as shelves for boxes and containers or pots and plants. Discover the diverse House Doctor collections at Made in Design!