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Shelves & Storage Furniture

Storage units to be more organized

Are you an organized person? If so, congratulations. If not, it is time to change and you will see that it is not such a big deal. Thanks to storage units, you will be able to classify, organize you stuff but also optimize your space. The best part is that storage units are very trendy and the best brands are available on our website: Casamania, Magis, Normann Copenhagen and many more.


Shelving units are the best option for small rooms

Sometimes, we don’t have a lot of space but many items that we want to show off and enjoy every day. It can be books, photos, souvenirs or many other items. Make sure you browse our Furniture:Storage furniture section to find the best way to highlight your favorite items. You will find very original and design shelving units.


Storage units are so needed in your dailylife!

At Made in design, we have selected for you the best storage units on our storage furniture section. Cabinet, medicine cabinet, shoe cabinet, wall storage, crate and many other storage units to make sure all your stuff is stored, well organized but most important classy and design.


Shelving units are perfect for compulsive buyers

Let’s take an example: You are a girl and you love shoes? That’s not a problem anymore thanks to a stylish shoe cabinet. And it is pretty much unlimited, since everything can be stored in shelving units. Being a keeper or a compulsive buyer is not a problem anymore! The best designers across the world created incredible furniture so different from the traditional shelving units you are used to see.

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