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Baskets, centrepieces and bowls are our range of chic solutions for making the space around you a little bit more beautiful whilst remaining highly functional, whether that’s hosting a relaxing dinner party or just in everyday life. There’s no reason keeping things in their proper place shouldn’t be fun, and when you delve into this exciting range, you’ll see that it can be a blast. 

Hosting in style has never been easier – check out our exciting range of baskets, centrepieces, and bowls right now, and start thinking about who you’re going to invite! Looking for elegant table centrepieces to really impress your guests? Perhaps a set of stackable trays to serve goodies on, or a blow up basket for freshly baked bread? Alessi is a brand offering you all this and more – have a look at what they’ve got.

Hosting a great dinner should be a multi-sensory experience, so why not offer your guests some real eye-candy with their meals this time, by picking something from the Tom Dixon range? The brand offers several incredible salad bowls which also serve as gorgeous pieces of table decoration, even when the salad’s long gone!

Our basket, centrepieces, and bowls range also includes beautiful fruit holders, stylish wall storage options, and truly elegant vases – everything is aimed at making your home sparkle, whether you have guests or not. And our selection of decorative trays goes beyond hosting – you can use them to spruce up any surface in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, and keep your smaller items neat, tidy and on hand.