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We have a whole host of home décor accessories and modern décor ideas, so check out our range of decorative objects today, and see just how we can help you spruce up your living space.


Ibride is an exciting brand when it comes to decoration objects, offering a huge range of classy and interesting service trays which also double as paintings when hung on the wall. Made in France and resistant to heat and water, their range features the Ida, a beautiful young woman painted from the side, in six variations – grab a few and hang them to give your home the feeling of an art gallery, or keep them on the table to serve your guests in style.


For the bird lovers out there, Normann Copenhagen boasts a gorgeous, elegant collection of three different-sized birds, made from solid oak, with coloured legs. The largest is the curlew, the middle one is the redshank, and the smallest is the sandpiper – these decoration objects work best as a set, and work tastefully alongside other ornaments on a mantelpiece or dresser.


Sometimes you don’t need anything out of the ordinary to take your modern home decor up a level – putting your favourite pictures in an elegant frame can make a world of difference. Make your photos, artwork, or favourite illustrations stand out a little more this season with Ferm Living’s Wooden Large Photo frame, made from leather and smoked oak.