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Think inside the box. It’s never too late to put everything in its place, and we offer an exciting range of solutions to help you do just that. Whatever you need to get organised, there’s no reason you can’t spruce up your living space at the same time. We have some fantastic decoration boxes available for your office, kitchen, living room, and bedroom, so start looking now, and reinvent your space.


Our range features some really hot brands, like Seletti, who offer La City Set. These playful and elegant desktop organisation solutions consisting of white porcelain pieces with coloured bottoms to keep your pens, paperclips and USB sticks sorted. They also design Pantone storage boxes in two different sizes – classic retro decoration boxes inspired by the iconic Pantone colour charts.
Room Copenhagen boasts a range of Lego Brick style decorative storage boxes in 8 different sizes and colours. Whilst they’re perfect as playful storage boxes for keeping your kids’ toys organised, they go way beyond that. Grab the whole selection so you can stack them as you please, play with them with the kids, or simply use them for decoration – they look surprisingly chic in a modern living room.


Looking for a quick interior design tip to liven up your lounge with decoration boxes? Check out our selection of stylish tissue boxes – the Folio Tissue Box by Pa Design can fit around 60 tissues, is available in white and anthracite, and its L-shaped design means it can fit into several different positions. A fantastic alternative is Essey’s Wipy Tissue Box – designed to look like crumpled up paper and available in black, white, and red.