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Movable partitions and screens

You can often get a lot more from your space by partitioning off sections of a room, but that’s not the only reason to check out our movable partitions and screens – used in the kitchen, dining room, or garden, they offer a very simple and modern solution for making your home more beautiful. Take a look at our fascinating range of partition walls, room screens, and much more, and see just which of our products will shine the most in your home.

The Fusion partition, designed by Koziol, is a great example of elegant, incredibly modern room dividers, and the brand boasts a very wide range, suitable for any taste. The best part of what they offer is how creative they allow you to be – each partition set comes with four panels and all the hooks you need to extend it as much as you’d like - with tons of different patterns and colours to pick and choose from, you can mix, match, and become the artist yourself. The perfect movable partitions and screens for any room in your house.

Casamania’s Maria Partition, on the other hand, is inspired by nature, and sold as a collection of 42 silver leaves. Versatile, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this one functions perfectly as a room divider screen, but equally as a decoration, lending more than just a hint of natural beauty to any window or room. Most excitingly, thermo-sensitive pigments mean the leaves change their colours depending on the temperature.

As you can see, our movable partitions and screens don’t just offer you function, they help make your home more beautiful to live in.

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