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Memo Boards & Calendars

Modern picture frames to remember unforgettable moments.

Nowadays, we take a lot of pictures but we don’t often think about printing them. It is time to change that! Get yourself one of our modern picture frames to decorate your interior with nice photos and awesome memories. Our picture frames come out in a great variety of materials, colors and shapes.


A nice selection of modern wall calendars.

Are you an organized person or the kind of busy person who needs to write down everything? Or just someone distracted who needs a calendar in order to remember his mum’s birthday? Do not worry; Made in Design got it covered! Thanks to our modern wall calendars, you’ll become very organized and won’t forget any important moment.


Put your best memories into our modern picture frames.

What’s better than a nice photo of your summer holidays at the beach? The same nice photo printed in one of our modern picture frames. We have selected the most original and modern picture frames to make sure you can remember every day the greatest moments of your life.


Modern wall calendars for a better day to day organization.

Do you usually by the firefighter calendar at the end of December? If you, congratulations, you’re probably doing it right. But at Made in Design, we have decided that calendars had to be more modern in order to match with your interior. Believe us, you deserve it. Get to our Decoration: Memo boards, slates and calendars section and discover a large range of classy, stylish and modern wall calendars. Being organized has never been so easy.


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