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Designer kitchen bins and recycling bins are also part of the Made in Design catalogue. From the retro design of Simple Human kitchen bins to the inventiveness of Joseph Joseph modern recycling bins, you’ll have no excuse for leaving your packaging lying around. Tidying up and looking after your decor are now perfectly reconcilable!

With Authentics, they have opted for the combination of a sober look, sharp materials (chromed steel and polypropylene) and very graphic colours (black and white/grey). As for recycling, Joseph Joseph impresses us with a set of modern recycling bins, equipped with 4 removable containers, and 3 compartments for glass, recyclable waste, and household waste.

As for Simple Human, its Touch-Bar high-tech modern kitchen bin concept lets us open the container, even with our hands full, with a simple touch of the hip, elbow or knee. Are you looking more for a discreet and elegant table bin? Koziol's Del XXS model arouses curiosity as much as admiration, and earns a worthy place among your really useful decorative objects.