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Designer corkscrews to complement your favourite wine

We supply designer bottle openers, corkscrews, bottle stoppers and bottle caps to complement your relaxed evenings in. Forget those awkward struggles with corks and totally eliminate any chance of contaminating your favourite bottle of wine. A designer corkscrew or bottle opener not only brings a splash of the elegant, colourful or even quirky to an otherwise overlooked implement, it makes opening your favourite bottle of wine even easier. Ergonomic as well as elegant, our corkscrews come from top designers such as L'Atelier du Vin and Kikkerland, masters of the marriage between aesthetics and functionality. Take the Soft Machine bottle opener, a sleek little corkscrew that opens your bottle in one swift, continuous move. Its gear system pulls the cork out vertically, with minimal effort and damage to the cork.


Top designer corkscrews from top European designers

At Made in Design, we believe that there's nothing that can't be improved by great design. We like to help people fill their lives and houses with the beautiful yet practical. That's why we source great design items from Europe's trending studios, creating a selection to suit all tastes and budgets. Search our selection of corkscrews to find that item that matches your unique character and style, whether it's sophistication, imagination, colour or playfulness you're after. Once your favourite bottle is open, your evening will be off to a great start!