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Designer household appliances for your dream kitchen

Whether it's an artisan coffee maker that will transform your mornings, or a chicken-shaped egg timer for perfect boiled eggs, our household appliances will bring a designer touch to your everyday kitchen needs. At Made in Design we love that wonderful world where style, functionality and imagination meet. We know you'll love it too.

Top European designers turn their craftsmanship to the kitchen and transform ordinary items, like the humble electric kettle. Take the example of Eva Solo's Electric Kettle - not only does it looks sleek, but every aspect of its performance has been streamlined too. With 360-degree rotation, plus an easy filling and pouring design, you can take this kettle and put it on your sofa table where its looks will make it pass as a vacuum jug.


Household appliances with beauty and brains

Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? With our selection of gorgeous and intelligent designer household appliances to brighten up your kitchen and make cooking a breeze, your inner chef will be celebrating. We've got cocktail shakers, mixers and electric juicers juicers that will impress; and even our weighing scales stand out from the crowd. The foldable, three-pronged TriScale Electronic kitchen scales by Joseph Joseph will allow you to follow your favourite recipes with expert precision. We believe that superb design doesn't have to be the reserve of a few – that's why we showcase a wide range of designer kitchen appliances to suit all budgets. So check out what we have that can bring both beauty and brains to your kitchen!