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Designer kitchenware for your dream kitchen

At Made in Design we believe it's those little things that count. Our kitchenware collection has a wide range of top designer items that will not only make your kitchen a more practical place to work and play in, but also an expression of your unique style. We also believe that top design should be affordable for everyone, so you'll discover something to reflect all budgets. Find those playful cooking utensils that will encourage kids to get involved in the kitchen, like a quirky potato peeler, or the Lid Sid Steam Escape by Pa Design. This playful handy gadget both puts a smile on faces and keeps your lids open when they need some air. Browse our chopping boards and cheese boards, made from all kinds of woods, plastic and glass. We have all kinds of fun and useful kitchen utensilsgraters, serving spoons, colanders, trivets, even spaghetti measurers!


Kitchenware from Europe's top design studios

Pick and mix from the selection of colours and styles our top designers have to offer. Whether your look is all about minimalism, or you love vibrant rainbow colours, you'll find something to complement your kitchen. The Beater Whisk from Normann Copenhagen is a great example of how a simple utensil can bring a splash of colour and creativity in to your kitchen. Available in two toned contrasting colours, this dishwasher safe, nylon whisk folds down into a small stick – a perfect space-saving solution. If you ever needed any encouragement to get active in the kitchen, this is it. Explore our kitchenware selection today.