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Designer pots and pans to go potty over

Here at Made in Design, we like to bring the craftsman's touch to those essential elements of living. We love the world where gorgeous aesthetics meets superior quality, fused together with imagination. If you do too, check out our selection of pots and pans, brought to you by Europe's top design houses. With experienced designers like Serafino Zani at the helm, you'll find beautiful cookware for every occasion. And because we strongly believe top design should be available for a range of budgets, you'll also find many affordable options too. We have high quality pots and pans in all shapes and sizes: stewpots, milk pans, woks, casserole dishes and frying pans, as well as oven and serving dishes available from top interior designers.


Cook to perfection with our selection of pots and pans

Our designer pots and pans not only look the part, they play the part too. Take the Tools Stewpot by Littala. Crafted from no ordinary stainless steel, this pot uses Compound Technology for even heat distribution. Coming with interior weighing scales, this pot serves two goals: stunning design and unbeatable efficiency and durability. The White Line saucepan by Eva Trio also utilizes sleek aesthetics with modern technological advances. Its magnetic induction heating feature allows the pan to heat up very quickly. Available in white, this aluminium, ceramic and stainless-steel; this pan is perfect for the modern, minimalist kitchen. You might love it so much you'll explore the whole collection! And for a designer’s take on the class stainless steel pot, check out the Al Dente Pot.