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Designer tableware to liven up your kitchen

Never bemoan those everyday kitchen chores again! Our fabulous tableware range has everything you need to fulfil your daily duties, without having to tolerate boring or unattractive utensils. Great design can find its way into every aspect of your life – the clever craftsmen from Europe's favourite studios, such as Koziol, have come up with a whole host of innovative ways to transform your kitchen utensils. Discover how the humble washing-up bowl, soap dispenser, bottle brush and draining rack can become eye-catching yet practical pieces of equipment. We even have gorgeous bins, dustpans and brushes, as well as laundry baskets. If you ever needed a bit of encouragement to keep on top of the cleaning and laundry, here it is!


Tableware that can inspire a spring clean

You'll love our tableware selection so much, you may find you've never have had a more sparkling home and kitchen! At Made in Design, we believe that top design needs to be visually pleasing as well as innovative and efficient. Design should be able to improve on every aspect of life. Take the Grand Goupillion Bottle Brush by L'Atelier du Vin. These designers provide everything the budding (or expert) oenophile might need. The king of kitchen brushes, this bottle brush has been specifically tested to optimise cleaning of the neck, walls and bottom of wine decanters and tasting glasses. And if you ever needed any help encouraging the kids to keep clean, this quirky nail brush, Dundee Brush, will do the trick. The crocodile shaped brush comes in a range of vibrant colours, green, red, orange or blue. Explore our tableware selection and let top design clean up your home!