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Top designer teapots and kettles

If you're partial to a good cup of tea, you're going to adore our designer teapots and kettles. Sitting down to relax with a cuppa is an essential punctuation of our day and also of the most enjoyable ways to socialise. We have a wide range of handsome and intelligent teapots and kettles, from some of Europe's best design studios, like the Netherland's Pols Potten. Browse our selection, choose from vintage, sleek, pretty and playful designs, in different metals, ceramic, plastic and cork. For something so important as your daily brew, why not have the finest equipment possible?


Gorgeous teapots and kettles for the finest brew

You'll start planning your next tea party once you find your perfect teapot. Our selection caters for all tastes and all budgets too. Browse our teapots and be inspired by the marriage of functionality and aesthetics. Our kettles also blend innovation with beauty, using breakthrough technology as well as visual beauty. The Emma Electric Kettle is the latest in Stelton's kitchenware range and comes in its signature tones and hues. Its limescale filter, concealed heating element and automatic switch-off are all testimony to its superior functionality. Its beech wood handle and clean lines are testimony to its aesthetic artistry. The Naked Girls Teapot is a cheeky yet classy china teapot, part of a much loved set, classic white with a hand-painted motif on the inside. Whether you're looking for something special for your tea breaks, or for a gift for a fellow tea lover, our teapots and kettles selection awaits your visit!