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Ingo Maurer lighting products: industrial design meets fantasy

Ingo Maurer lamps tell wildly imaginative stories with their design aesthetic and achieve an industrial look through the use of specific materials. The concepts blur the lines between everyday objects and art, resulting in lamps with dreamlike qualities. Together with his team in Munich, entrepreneur Ingo Maurer has been producing unusual lighting objects, which are manufactured at his own company, since the mid 1960s. They create the wildly imaginative Ingo Maurer lamps, which are sold all over the world, by never compromising.


From bulbs to Campari Soda bottles: Ingo Maurer lamps are iconic pieces

One of Ingo Maurer’s first ever lamp designs, the Bulb table lamp, created in 1966, actually turned out to be a huge success. Here the light source is celebrated in its original form as the lamp is shaped like a bulb which is made from hand-blown crystal glass on a high-gloss chromium-plated metal base. Other Ingo Maurer lamps also convey a humorous pop-art feel:

  1. The Canned Light collection by Christoph Matthias and Hagen Sczech plays on the infamous artwork of Andy Warhol and uses a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup as the lampshade.
  2. The Campari Light pendant and the Campari Bar table lamp by Raffaele Celentano on the other hand feature a shade made from Campari Soda bottles whereby the light is emitted through the bottles, which are full, and thus adopts the typical Campari red hue.
  3. The Tu-Be Lüster by Ron Arad consists of a number of aluminium paint tubes which have a metal surface that reflects the light.

With a tongue-in-cheek approach, these Ingo Maurer lamps turn consumer goods into sculptural works of art which will stimulate your imagination and amuse and entertain you.


Ingo Maurer lamps tell wildly imaginative stories

Ingo Maurer lamps are not simply designed to emit light but also to evoke certain emotions and to put a smile on your face. Impressions that Ingo Maurer has gathered on his travels all over the world are reflected in his designs. Wildly imaginative lamps capture individual scenes:

  1. The MaMo Nouchies lighting collection, designed by Dagmar Mombacher, features lampshades made from Japanese paper which emit a pleasantly warm and soft light. Every lampshade is folded by hand, making each one unique. The Walking in the Rain floor lamp from the same line uses abstract shapes to resemble a person wearing a rain cape.
  2. The I Ricchi Poveri – Monument for a Bulb table lamp on the other hand places the light source right at the very heart. Like a monument, it is elevated on a plaque and, just like in a public place, it is surrounded by tiny human figurines who are looking at it in amazement.
  3. Lacrime del Pescatore is a light installation made from fishing nets lined with colourful crystals, which are illuminated by a wall light and give the impression of glistening water droplets.

Ingo Maurer lamps manage to combine total opposites of industrial design and fantasy, everyday life and art, and do it with such a sense of ease that you cannot fail to fall in love with them.