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All Kartell Lighting Products

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Kartell lighting products will create the perfect ambiance in any home

Kartell lamps will brighten up any room in your home. However, Kartell designer lamps are not just light sources but will also give your home an individual look. Kartell is guaranteed to have the perfect solution for any living space, from minimalist styles to designs with a touch of opulence.

  1. Pendants hanging from above will set your dining table off perfectly
  2. Desk lamps will provide you with the bright light you need to be able to work properly
  3. Well-positioned table lamps and floor lamps will help you to create dramatic mood lighting in your living room

High-end design and quality are just two of the many impressive features that all Kartell lighting products possess.


Sensational, tongue-in-cheek designs

Italian furniture producer Kartell was founded in 1949 in Italy’s design hub Milan and ever since then has been releasing a constant flow of impressive new pieces, many of which have now become design classics. Kartell furnishings are experiments with plastic and even Kartell designer lamps are playful attempts at pushing boundaries with this progressive material. Kartell lamps and furnishings are always functional but with a touch of irony and designed to engage your senses. Their products stand out on account of the interplay between different shapes and surfaces. The lamps are colourful yet minimalist, striking yet unobtrusive. 


Innovative design classics to suit every budget

These designer furnishings not only boast a sophisticated design in terms of the way that they function and the ambiance that they create but also feature high-quality workmanship. As not all Kartell designer lamps are found in the high-price category, there are Kartell lamps to suit every budget. Many Kartell lamps were created by designer Ferruccio Laviani. The Take model is a humorous “take” on the ideal image of a table lamp and is an affordable design classic. The Bourgie table lamp also reinterprets traditional styles, whereby baroque shapes meet clean lines to create a truly unique piece. The FL/Y pendant features a pared-back design. The current on-trend metallic tones turn this Kartell lamp into a real eye-catcher. The Bloom Bouquet pendant, on the other hand, looks dainty yet striking at the same time. This lampshade made from polycarbonate is modelled on a bouquet of flowers whereby the light will sparkle through the petals over your dining table. In complete contrast to that, the Taj desk lamp is simple yet perfectly formed. With a graphic yet at the same time organic feel, its LED light will provide your desk with the perfect level of lighting. Kartell lamps involve astonishing new design ideas that reinterpret existing traditions and convert them into modern ways of living.


Kartell lighting at Made in Design

Kartell lamps are incredibly diverse. Playful details are combined with strong shapes, and minimalist design is cleverly paired with a touch of ironic tongue-in-cheek humour. Kartell designer lamps are therefore the perfect match for any style of interior décor. In homes with an on-trend, pared-back, Scandinavian style they can provide witty contrasts. Kartell lamps blend perfectly with antiques on account of the fact that they borrow some of the stylistic details of bygone eras and manage to reinterpret them with modern materials. Made in Design therefore has an extensive range of Kartell lamps available to complement any style of décor.