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  1. Kitchenroll holder
  2. Toilet paper holder
  3. Soap holder
  4. Bin
  5. Squeezer
  6. Fragrance free soap
  7. Grater
  8. Whisky glass
  9. Long drink glass
  10. Tea strainer
  11. Jewellery box
  12. Table bin
  13. Airtight box
  14. Tea bag holder
  15. Set
  16. Cutlery set
  17. Kitchenware set
  18. Ring holder
  19. Presentation dish
  20. Honey spoon
  21. Brush and dustpan set
  22. Wall clock
  23. Appetiser skewers
  24. Stackable stool
  25. Lunch box
  26. Bag clamp
  27. Bottle top
  28. Decoration
  29. Soup plate
  30. Small dish
  31. Storage box
  32. Basket
  33. Bowl
  34. Brush
  35. Butter dish
  36. Partition
  37. Bread box
  38. Bowl
  39. Salad bowl
  40. Cork
  41. Washing up brush
  42. Toilet brush
  43. Glass
  44. Bottle rack
  45. Fruit holder
  46. Pot
  47. Basket
  48. Champagne glass
  49. Fruit bowl
  50. Spatula
  51. Salad servers
  52. Wall hook
  53. Coffee, tea spoon
  54. Kitchen spoon
  55. Pizza cutter
  56. Toilet paper dispenser
  57. Salt and pepper set
  58. Toothpick holder
  59. Citrus fruit peeler
  60. Dish
  61. Colander
  62. Chopping board
  63. Bottle holder
  64. Toothbrush holder
  65. Magazine holder
  66. Cutlery holder
  67. Presentation dish
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Koziol: lamps and home accessories with a twist

Playful designs, bright colours and sustainable production are all key features of German label Koziol’s designer pieces and home accessories. From toothbrush holders and bread bins to Koziol lamps, this brand is always coming up with new and surprising yet practical solutions for the home. Koziol prides itself on only using recyclable, sustainably produced plastic. It makes strong and durable products which are instantly recognisable and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


Add striking finishing touches to your décor with Koziol lighting

Koziol’s products in general can always be described as imaginative, bright, colourful and cheerful – and so too can their lighting products. Koziol lamps benefit from the materials that are used to make them: the innovative plastics involved mean that an infinite array of shapes, colours and structures can be achieved which are also as light as a feather. The designer lights play with transparency, light effects and reflections and can hence create a wow factor in any room. Take Koziol’s Orion pendant light, for example: this spherical, retro-looking lamp cleverly combines transparent and opaque surfaces together. Whether hung in isolation in the centre of a room or in a group suspended above a table, the lamp’s strong design aesthetic creates a striking effect.


Koziol lighting: fantastic plastic

As a brand, Koziol may be all about plastic but the devil is in the detail – they only use a mixture of thermoplastic materials and natural wood cellulose which is 100% recyclable. What’s more they don’t use any plasticisers or colour pigments which contain pollutants. As such, the brand’s customers can enjoy the benefits of the materials involved with a clear conscience: 

  1. easy to manipulate
  2. wide variety of colours to choose from
  3. strong and durable

As is the case with all the brand’s other products, Koziol lamps are made exclusively at the headquarters in Erbach im Odenwald, Germany. This helps the company conserve resources and save energy. Once made, the goods are subsequently packaged exclusively in cardboard with the “Green Dot” recycling symbol.


The Koziol brand: lamps and household accessories for creating the perfect home

Since Koziol was founded in 1927, this family business has made a name for itself in the design world with innovative and creative pieces. The designs are not only created by the “Koziol werksdesign” team – the label also works with renowned designers, such as Matteo Thun and Alessandro Mendini, as well as design universities. The brand has won numerous awards for its creative designs, such as its Koziol lights, over the years. At Made in Design, we have a wide range of Koziol products to choose from, meaning that you can do something nice for yourself and the environment at the same time. Are you a fan of the kind of sustainable production involved in Koziol lamps? Then have a look at other items in our product range as well!