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All Moooi Lighting Products

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Moooi lighting products add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to any home

Moooi lamps are without doubt eccentric designer lighting products. Anyone who has had enough of minimalism and clean chic looks will absolutely love Moooi’s imaginative creations. Moooi lamps and furnishings exude a playful charm and are based on unconventional ideas. Design certainly does not play second fiddle to function at Moooi but rather design is at the very heart of every product. Moooi lamps of course fulfil their practical purpose and emit light. However, they are primarily a lot of fun and are truly captivating eye-catchers. The provocative and poetic Moooi lamps are the perfect conversation starters and, whether they are on their own or combined together, are guaranteed to have everyone’s heads turning in any environment.


Mesmerising creations from the Dutch design scene

The brand name is derived from the Dutch word “mooie” which means “beautiful”. The additional “o” symbolises the “additional” beauty created by Moooi. Moooi was founded in 2001 by the designers Marcel Wanders and Caspert Vissers. Moooi does not consider itself to be a company that employs designers but more of an opportunity to turn their visions into reality. An invitation which is happily accepted. Moooi lamps are therefore not only created by Art Director Marcel Wanders but also by internationally renowned designers such as Jurgen BeyEdward Van VlietBertjan Pot and the Swedish design studio Front. At first glance, Moooi lamps therefore all look very different however they all share the same approach. They break with tradition and are daring yet playful.


Moooi lamps with exclusive designs

The exclusive Moooi lamps will attract everyone’s attention in your home.

  1. The Rabbit lamp, a table lamp from the studio Front shaped like a rabbit wearing the lampshade on its head, is, for example, a powerfully expressive product.
  2. For a classic Moooi lamp, look no further than the often imitated but never duplicated Random Light pendant by Bertjan Pot. An open and irregular mesh structure made from fibreglass encases the diffuser and casts fascinating shadow effects.
  3. The Light Shade Shade pendant by Jurgen Bey also boasts an impressive interplay between light and shadow effects. A cylinder made from semi-transparent reflective mirror film surrounds a glass Baroque-style chandelier.

The secret to the success of Moooi lamps is that they manage to combine old and new in astonishing and breath-taking designs. Fairy-tale fantasy meets minimalist simplicity and never fails to astound.


Beautiful Moooi designs at Made in Design

At Made in Design we have a select range of Moooi lamps, products from the latest collections and irresistible classics. With a design from Moooi you will be getting a unique, timeless piece. So take a look at Moooi’s incredible furnishings as well at Made in Design!