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  1. Sun lounger
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  3. Stool
  4. Reading desk
  5. Luminous centrepiece
  6. Padded armchair
  7. Bench with backrest
  8. Stackable armchair
  9. Stacking chair
  10. Bar stool
  11. Stackable stool
  12. Straight sofa
  13. 3 & more seater sofa
  14. 2 seater sofa
  15. Wall mirror
  16. Sofa accessory
  17. Square table
  18. Shelf
  19. Swing
  20. Flowerpot
  21. Bench
  22. Pouf
  23. Bookcase
  24. Desk
  25. Sofa
  26. Armchair
  27. Bottle rack
  28. Centrepiece
  29. Chair
  30. Low armchair
  31. Rocking chair
  32. Reclining chair
  33. Towel rail
  34. End table
  35. Flowerpot
  36. High table
  37. Bottle holder
  38. Magazine holder
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  9. Constantin Wortmann (1)
  10. Fabio Rotella (1)
  11. Ferdi Giardini (1)
  12. Gerd Van Cauteren (1)
  13. Giò Colonna Romano (28)
  14. Giulio Cappellini (1)
  15. Guglielmo Berchicci (1)
  16. Jorge Najera (4)
  17. Karim Rashid (3)
  18. Lab81 (3)
  19. Loetizia Censi (3)
  20. Lorenza Bozzoli (1)
  21. Marcel Wanders (1)
  22. Marc Sadler (4)
  23. Puzzle 4 peace (1)
  24. Roberto Paoli (3)
  25. Sezgin Aksu (3)
  26. Silvia Suardi (3)
  27. Slide Studio (15)
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  29. Tous les Trois (1)
  30. Anastasia Ivanuk
  31. Eli Jacobson
  32. Giorgio Biscaro
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  37. Marco Acerbis
  38. Martinelli Venezia Studio
  39. Paola Navone
  40. Prospero Rasulo
  41. Sebastian Bergne
  42. Sitrum Design
  43. studioPang
  44. Studio Tonino
  45. Valerio Sommella
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All Slide Lighting Products


Slide lighting products boast innovative Italian design

Slide lamps are instantly recognisable: whether it’s a luminous cube, a simple spherical globe shape or a lamp in the shape of a penguin or an owl, these lighting sculptures made from synthetic resin are distinctive and memorable. The Slide brand was established in 2002 and is headquartered in the design hub of Milan. Right from the outset, the concepts behind Slide designer lamps are always defined by the original creations of founder Giò Colonna Romano. Collaborations with famous designers such as Marcel WandersMarc Sadler and Paola Navone, only serve to enhance the company’s profile. Slide lamps and furnishings are famous and popular all over the world.


Extraordinary light-up furniture from Slide

Slide lighting products guarantee to provide you with extraordinary living solutions with pared-back design. Some of the most popular items in the range of Slide designer lighting products are the famous pieces of Slide light-up furniture. They include bars, chairs and the infamous Slide Cubo light, which you can use as a coffee table or a stool – whichever Slide lighting product you choose, it will be sure to grab people’s attention. These items of furniture which have a strong and consistent aesthetic are made from synthetic resin, a very lightweight yet sturdy plastic. These Slide lighting products shine a soft indirect light from the inside outwards. Slide light-up furniture is available both for indoor and outdoor use. This means that you can create exclusive spaces and atmospheric settings with Slide lighting products both in your living room and in the garden!


Lounge atmosphere with Slide designer lighting products

These Slide lighting products can be used to create a lounge atmosphere inside your house, out on the terrace or by the swimming pool and even in a club:

  1. The Cube by Giò Colonna Romano is the classic piece of Slide light-up furniture. It can be used as a small table or something to sit on. Thanks to LED technology, the Cube is now extremely energy-efficient and can change colours.
  2. Slide Bars are available in various modules which can be combined together. Thanks to their minimalist design they work well in any hotel, club or home. The Slide range also features luminous tables and benches.
  3. Stylish pieces like the Light Drink luminous bottle holder or the Bench Flowerpot are the perfect accessories to complement the lounge theme. These Slide lighting products can create the wow factor even individually on their own!

Diverse decorative lamps in the shape of candles, jigsaw pieces and houses expand the range even further.

Discover the huge range of Slide lighting products at Made in Design

Made in Design has put together a wide range of Slide lighting products just for you. The creative designs range from minimalist to imaginative. Stylishly light up your garden with Slide’s Globo lamp or transform your terrace into a lounge with exclusive light-up furniture. Whether you opt for the classic Cubo, the cute penguin Koko or one of the lamps from the colourful and playful Otello collection, there truly is something for everyone! And, thanks to our swift delivery service, your Slide lighting product could be with you in next to no time.