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Understated yet imaginative: Flos ceiling lights

Subtle elegance and poignant simplicity have been key to the success of Flos ceiling lights for decades. These designer lamps will give your home perfect, soft mood lighting without any glare. Thanks to their minimalist look, they can be integrated easily into any space, such as your living room, bedroom or hallway. The creative minds at Flos insist on the highest quality standards. The Italian label concentrates solely on the production of lighting products and, in collaboration with renowned international designers, has created a number of stand-out iconic pieces. Alongside the classic Flos Arco floor lamp by Achille Castiglioni, the brand’s portfolio also features imaginative lighting concepts by up-and-coming designers such as Marcel WandersDiscover the most stunning Flos ceiling lights at Made in Design!


Flos ceiling lights by famous designers

Flos lighting enables you to decorate your entire home with a single design. This is because many of the Flos ceiling lights can also be fixed to the wall and are suitable for outdoor use:

  1. Button by Piero Lissoni: for inside and out, made from opal glass or polycarbonate
  2. Clara by Piero Lissoni: large disk with uniform LED lighting across the entire surface
  3. Wan by Johanna Grawunder: small shiny aluminium dome, available in black, white, green and chrome

Though the majority of the pieces have a pared-back design, some of the Flos ceiling lights boast a much more striking look:

  1. Smithfield by Jasper Morrison: painted aluminium, extra-large format, elegant and modern
  2. Skygarden by Marcel Wanders: dome with white relief featuring festoons and flower garlands, designed for false ceilings

Whether you want simple, straightforward styles or lavish, luxurious looks, the extraordinary Flos lighting range has the right lamp for you.


Perfect ambiance with Flos lighting

Flos ceiling lights strike the right balance between form and function. Unlike spotlights and desk lamps, they don’t emit directional light targeted at one spot but instead illuminate the entire room. They attach directly to the ceiling to achieve optimum light distribution. Whether used on their own or combined with corresponding floor lamps and table lamps, these lights will create the perfect ambiance in your home.


Flos ceiling lights at Made in Design

The Flos brand was founded in 1962 in Merano and quickly became one of the biggest names in lighting in Italy. Flos creates not just simple lamps but imaginative and amazing lighting pieces. Over the decades, the brand has produced highly celebrated works of art, which are still considered to be iconic lighting design pieces, from Achille Castiglioni’s Arco floor lamp and Philippe Starck’s Miss Sissi table lamp to Marcel Wanders’ Skygarden. Discover iconic Flos ceiling lights at Made in Design and browse through our wide range of lighting and furniture from famous designers!