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Made in Design Editions
Made in Design Editions Made in Design Editions by Oxyo
Made In Design is opening a new chapter in its history presenting, for the first time, a complete collection of edited objects : furniture, lighting, and fabric accessories. For this special occasion, the most talented French designers have been selected: François Clerc, Guillaume Delvigne, Vincent Eschalier, Gaëlle Gabillet, Catherine et Bruno Lefebvre, Bertrand Médas, Adrien de Melo, Renaud Thiry, Victoria Wilmotte. Made in Design has even crossed borders to find young talents all over the world just like the lighting Paper collection designed by the Indian Studio Inmark. Creative and complete with a sense of humour, all the selected designers fulfill Made in Design’s expectations: Design objects which make everyday life easier. Together with Oxyo, an industrial manufacturer from the South of France, Made in Design is launching a new collection full of exceptional pieces designed by Marie-Aurore Stiker-Metral, Guillaume Delvigne, Caroline Ziegler and Pierre Brichet, as well as Antoine Lesur.

Collectors items and Made in Design’s exclusive products

Always in the same line of conduct with its partners, Made in Design presents new exclusive products including the Wave sofa by Florence Jaffrain!