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The practicality, the beauty and search for poetry describe the universes of Materia – The Big Design, Y’a Pas le Feu au Lac and Edition Sous Etiquette, the new favourite brands available on Made in Design. These three passionate brands create collections that are incredibly expressive and reinvent old traditions. In association with young talented designers, they develop projects that are rich in character and use noble materials and a real concerntration on the detail. A design to be discovered without further delay…

Y’A PAS LE FEU AU LAC, many different types of wood!

Y'A PAS LE FEU AU LAC... arose from the meeting between Grégory and Marie Bodel, both wood workers and the designer FX Balléry. Their passion for creation, their love of the wood as well as their Jura origins made them come together and build their project: creating a French publishing house of objects and small contemporary furniture that are both useful and elegant. Inspired by traditional know-how and current techniques, these objects made mainly out of wood are poetic, aesthetic and functional.
Discover the Y'A PAS LE FEU AU LAC universe
MATERIA – THE BIG DESIGN, where cork is the main element!
A real star of the "green attitude", cork is THE trendy material of the moment! Multi-purpose, long-lasting and can be 100% recycled, this material is used by the designers who revisit this product and invent very current creations, just like the new collection by MATERIA – The Big Design !
Imagined by young talented designers, such as the studio Nendo, Big Game or even Inga Sempé, the MATERIA – The Big Design benefits from the know-how of the Portuguese company Amorim, the world leader in the cork industry who already produce products for the aviation and construction industry.
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EDITION SOUS ETIQUETTE, a catalogue of meetings!
With a commitment to the young generation and a mission to publish products that are rich in character, the French publishing house Édition sous Etiquette broadcasts the opinion of the designer, a glance on the contemporary needs and the fashions of production and consumption. For Édition sous Etiquette, there are no objects without a story. "Our catalogue, it is a catalogue of meetings" confirm the designers of this label!
Very universal, the collection gathers exceptional objects that are numbered, to acquire, to offer or to collect for their many uses or just for their orginality
Discover the Édition sous Etiquette universe