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l’art de recevoir

A festive table

The art of entertaining

The festive period is approaching with its promise of friendly gatherings over a good dinner. From tableware to lighting and seating choices, take inspiration from our tips on the art of entertaining! But while Made In Design takes care of your interior design needs, it’s up to you to deal with the culinary side of things!

Festive aperitif

Head for the lounge

For a festive aperitif, welcome your guests around a designer coffee table. This year, precious brass in all its forms is high on the agenda! In combination with marble or wood, in its raw state or more carefully worked, it’s your perfect ally to pass the aperitif test with style.

Head for the lounge
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Causing quite a (little) stir

A nod towards the refinement of the wonderful French lifestyle with nice wine glasses, carafes and champagne flutes. Bottles that manage the perfect balance between aesthetics and tasting quality, and which, by design, make your drink taste even better.
Check out our must-haves.

Causing quite a (little) stir
Causing quite a (little) stir
Causing quite a (little) stir
Our aperitif selection

Rekindle the flame

Table lamp

Light up your home with a single touch with these small table lamps! These decorative touches can be spread around everywhere: at the entrance for a bright welcome, on the table to add shine or on a console for discreet lighting! Focus on our exceptional table lamps!

Table lamp
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Light the flame

This year, let candles breathe a soft, warm light into your home. Accessorised with a designer candle holder, they really light up your space. Use as a stylish table centrepiece, or with twigs for maximum effect!

Flaming lights
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3 styles for a party table!

It’s not for nothing that we talk about "table arts": a well-prepared table really sets the atmosphere for the evening. Made in Design invites you to its own and unveils its recommendations for a dazzling selection of dishes and decorative objects for all styles!

01: Authentic table: back to basics

This year, why not go for a table featuring a festive rustic style where natural materials offer startling elegance… Really bring the Christmas tradition to life.

01: Mother Nature among the guests
An authentic christmas

02: A table full of colour: uninhibited decoration

Inspired by the bright colours of the Modernists, make your colour sparkle by opting for unconventional decoration. Feelgood atmosphere guaranteed!

03: Back to the Dandy days
02: Gold suits you so well
03: Back to the Dandy days
A christmas full of color

03: Precious table: Gold suits you so well

Luxurious and radiant, gold instantly makes us think of the holidays. Invite it into your interior decoration with this selection.

02: Gold suits you so well
02: Gold suits you so well
02: Gold suits you so well
A golden Christmas

Shall we finish on a musical note?

It wouldn’t be dinner without some appropriate music. Delight your guests with a complex sound environment, even at low levels, and why not make it ultra-connected so that everyone can choose their favourite music!

Our preference: the La Boîte Concept Bluetooth speaker, a refined, minimalist design containing incredible power and sound reproduction quality!

Et si on finissait sur une note musicale ?
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