Carl Hansen & Søn, the legacy of Danish design

Explore the very essence of Danish design with Carl Hansen & Søn, a brand which embodies the subtle fusion of modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship. For more than a century, the design house has been creating timeless pieces which stand testimony to inherited expertise and a passion for innovation. Each pieces tells a profound story, reaching beyond its typical function to become a timeless expression of art, wherein Scandinavian design meets artisanal excellence. Transform your interior by incorporating these pieces and their rich histories into your daily settings, creating a harmonious balance between functionality and sophisticated style.

Carl Hansen & Søn’s values

A blend of iconic and timeless styles

Between its iconic masterpieces and modern timelessness, Carl Hansen & Søn excels with its editorial genius! Whilst it re-releases pieces with the utmost respect for the original designs, the creative force takes great pride in perpetuating and reinventing traditions with the use of modern technology. The family-run business has undertaken a series of successful collaborations with avant-garde designers such as Hans J. Wegner, or experts in the subject, such as Preben Fabricius and Jorgen Kastholm, blacksmith and cabinetmaker par excellence, respectively. As a result, we get luxurious collections with elegant aesthetics that withstand the tests of time, enhancing our interiors with timeless sophistication.

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Wood craftsmanship

Driven by an ancestral tradition upheld by its founder Carl Hansen, a cabinetmaker by trade, the Scandinavian design house is perpetuating exceptional wood craftsmanship through its passion for secular expertise combined with modern innovation. Noble woods, premium finishes, and artisanal production in Denmark all go towards creating pieces of remarkable quality. From design to use, not forgetting the production process, the designer and the creative house work hand-in-hand to develop each and every detail of the pieces to achieve nothing short of perfection. Carl Hansen & Søn is constantly expanding and diversifying its material expertise by collaborating with artisan designers.

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Scandinavian tradition

A Scandinavian creative force at its finest, Carl Hansen & Søn embodies the legacy of Danish design. Minimalist aesthetics, functionality, and durability are the key words for this design movement, which enjoyed its golden age between the 1930s and the 1970s. Like its peers, Danish modernism opened up to technical innovation in the early 20th century, and forged its own way forward by leaning into the functionalist and democratic development of design, putting objects back at the centre of the relationship between nature and mankind. Enriched by key figures such as Hans J. Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Poul Kjærholm, to name but a few… These ingenious designers drew inspiration from poetic nature, from green rolling valleys to glacial landscapes, and they paid particular attention to creating warm interiors where well-being and practicality reign with elegance. It’s all about the beautiful materials and neutral tones of Scandinavian design.

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Iconic collections

Explore the remarkable excellence of design with the iconic collections from Carl Hansen & Søn. Functional works of art that embody Nordic elegance and exceptional comfort. Let’s shine the spotlight on these collections, which made their mark on the 20th Century with their timeless aesthetics and exquisite quality, raising Scandinavian furniture to iconic status.

The famous Wishbone Chair is named after the distinctive shape of its backrest, which indeed resembles a chicken’s wishbone. Designed by Hans J. Wegner, this chair is the result of more than 500 sketches, showcasing Wegner’s meticulous commitment in his quest for perfection.

The Lounge CH07, also known as the Shell Chair, stands out with its sculptural design and its backrest which resembles a shell. Designed by Hans J. Wegner, this armchair embodies artistic flair and functionality in an exceptional harmony.

Designed by Kaare Klint, the KK47000 armchair draws inspiration from the thrones of Ancient Egypt’s Pharaohs, creating a fusion of history and modernity in a timeless piece.

Timeless collections

Discover the timeless essence of Danish design though iconic chairs by Carl Hansen & Søn. The T-chair by Ole Wanscher, with its T-shaped backrest and combination of leather and wood, embodies minimalistic elegance. Made with rope, paper and stainless steel, the PK1 by Poul Kjærholm boasts a modern and functional aesthetic. With its Y-shaped backrest and hand-woven seat, the CH26 by Hans J. Wegner combines comfort with timeless design. These pieces transcend the passing years, showcasing Carl Hansen & Søn’s expertise in the art of furniture.

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OW58 Chair, T-Chair

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PK1 Chair

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CH26 Chair

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CH33T Chair

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A piece for every room

Transform your dining room into a space for quality time and elegance, centred around the exquisite CH327 table. Designed by Hans J. Wegner, it embodies the elegant simplicity of Danish design. Hand-crafted and made with solid wood, it blends the warmth of wood with the sophistication of its high-end finishes. Meticulously styled with the T-Chair and PK1, it creates an exceptional dining experience, where each meal becomes a sophisticated celebration of design.

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Redefine comfort in your living room with the luxurious creations of Carl Hansen & Søn. The Sideways sofa, upholstered in high-quality fabric, embodies elegance and ergonomics, inviting you to discover a whole new dimension of relaxation. Style it with the timeless design of the MG501 armchair for perfect harmony. The coffee tables, like the Bench which is made with plant-based fibres, adds the final touch, creating a living space where Nordic style meets functionality, for a unique and inspiring experience.

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Exceptional design

Iconic design

Created by some of the biggest names in design, each piece of Carl Hansen & Søn furniture effuses the creative genius of its designer. Whether they revolutionise through shape or function, or they're the result of innovative production techniques, these masterpieces have made their mark in the times thanks to their novel natures, and they have withstood the tests of time with flawless grace, joining museum collections. This accession gives us an insight into the uses of our past societi

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Eco-responsible durability

A true gage of quality, Carl Hansen & Søn delivers furniture imbued with Nordic expertise, both aesthetic and durable. The creative force pays particular attention to its environmental impact, focusing on producing furniture that will last longer than a lifetime. Traditional joinery, FSC-certified wood, healthy and safe working conditions, re-use of wood off-cuts to contribute to urban heating… Nothing is left to chance in the process of producing responsible furniture that can be passed on from generation to generation.

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More than 100 years of expertise

This family-run Scandi creative force's success story began in 1908, on the island of Funen, when cabinetmaker Carl Hansen founded his studio. His success was built on two fundamental concepts: A commitment to nothing but the best expertise and techniques, and collaborations with designers who constantly reinvent the notion of modern design. A driving force behind the Danish movement, the creative partnership with Hans J. Wegner, who was previously little-known, with a little push from Holger Hansen, marked the start of a beautiful tale, leading to countless collaborations that would go on to reveal the modern yet classic DNA of the creative house and see it become the crown jewel of Scandinavian design.

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Hans J. Wegner

Kaare Klint

Ole Wanscher

Vilhelm Lauritzen

Morten Gøttler

Poul Kjærholm

Børge Mogensen

Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm